Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter. Yes... Winter!

Snow. It's finally here, and not a moment too soon. I don't like the November cool without the winter atmosphere. But, November is done and gone this year, and we can all enjoy the cold quiet of real winter!

Things to keep an eye/ear out for:
Crunching footsteps.
Chickadees eating seeds at bird feeders.
Hot Chocolate.
Holiday Music.
The warm glow of Christmas lights.
Big star-filled skies.
A snowflake that lands perfectly on a mitten.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today, I've had a wonderfully successful day of treasure hunting.

~This morning, I found $2 on the floor next to my bed that I don't recall being there last night.
~Outside of my dad's friend Victor's condo, I found 2 POGs, one of them was the #1 in the set! (it says on the back)
~This wasn't treasure, but my dear brother had bought me a brand new CD, just because he's a nice guy.
~I found some wild aspsragus in the forest while going for a walk with my dad, and we picked ourselves a little bunch and enjoyed it with dinner. Very delicious.
~I found a big handful of great assortment of neat little gadgets in my old bedroom (which Neil has claimed for himself this summer, so I was cleaning out my old stuff. They included a coin from Belize, a tiny red horse from Sweden, a tin that I remember purchasing in Chicago at The Ritz, a glass marble, a great totem pole keychain from Alaska (I don't know who I know that has been to Alaska), and a small Gumby toy.
~I went for a walk on the beach, and found some more great treasures. some wonderful seagull feathers, an interesting tab from an old old old can of some sort, a beautiful purple clam shell, a brilliant Lucky Stone, and 77 pieces of beach glass! (35 green, 21 clear, 13 brown, and 4 of both light and dark blue). I also found birtch logs, and stripped their bark for making bonfires in the future.

A very productive day of finding.

I also had one of the most miraculous experiances with a pair of foxes. They live near my parent's house this year, and are very tame around people. I put some pieces of fish on the deck and watched them come right up to the windows of my folks place and sit there and chow down. They're such slick creatures! They're so skinny and smooth looking, and the smaller of the two had what looked like a thin mane of hair going down it's neck and back like a hyena. Very beautiful animals, and by far the closest I've ever been to not just one, but a pair of wild ones. I'd like a fox for a pet now, I think.

A great day!

To top it all off, though, I had the pleasure of seeing a whole whack of brilliant and beautiful birds around Gimli today. What was your favorite, you ask? A Purple Finch, actually.